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We have been programming since J2ME and SymbianOS were standard operating systems for phones. Now we mostly create apps for Samsung smartwatches and AndroidOS. We have a huge experience in Java and JavaScript. Our engineers are certificated Oracle Java programmers.

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We develop apps for this mobile system since Android become popular system for smartphones and tablets.


We have an experience in designing and programming applications for Samsung smartwatches running under TizenOS. We have created tens of apps for watches.

Javascrpt apps

Nowadys Javascript is used to create complete apps to run on mobile phones.

Web sites

We have an experience in creating Web sites like blogs and management consoles. We use in our job a lot of modern frameworks like Angular or VueJS.

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Meet some of ours last projects.

Tizen Mobile, Gear smartwatch


Filesmaster manages all of files and directories in a device. It also plays all media like audio and video. Designed for Tizen Mobile and Samsung Gear smartwatches.

Tizen Mobile, Gear smartwatch

Sing Karoke Songs

This app allows to sing a favourite songs with that simple to use application. Find a song or an artist, sing and record it. Share your best karaoke with friends.

Tizen Mobile

OBD2 Diagnostics

OBD2 Diagnostics reads real-time parameters from cars's ECU via OBD-II interface. It works wirelessly with a Bluetooth OBD-II interface which is connected to a vehicle.

Tizen Mobile, Gear smartwatch

Decibel Meter

Sound level meter shows a decibel values by measuring the environmental noise, displays measured dB values in various ways. You can check how loud is your environment or how loud is your voice.

Android, Tizen Mobile

Sky Jumper

You will jump airplane out on 3000 meters or higher and fall down with real physics acceleration. The game is endless. You target is to reach the best points result for every stage. To do it you have to fly so fast as possible and open a parachute in last second before ground impact.

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